we have to change things, and oppose this administration. Open corruption. Shadow shakedown, a rogue emissary. Freewheeling amorality. Self-interest above national security and world order.

let's consider personality disorders in particular what the DSM calls narcisstic personality disorder, or NPD - pathological narcissism. It touches directly upon whether Trump has the capacity to put anyone's interests - including the country's and the Constitution's - above his own.

we are winning through victories of popular resistance and nonviolent actions and civil disobedience. The way we will defeat Trump is by voting in 2020.

the blatantly racist tweet against four congresswomen, all of whom are women of color, " ... is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration." This is the agenda of white nationalists. " ... playing to the country's racial divisions and stoking anti-immigration fervor."

this is who he is

he is a vial, pathological liar, and a malignant sociopathic narcissist with fascist tendencies.

is there a better way to talk about his racism and not call him a racist? Say that he tears America apart by race and threatens our democracy. Say that he pits Americans against each other by color and religion to distract from his cruelty. Say that he enables and encourages white supremacists.

a cruel and ignorant liar, bigot, and bully. a hater and a divider, not a uniter. a vile racist, a dangerous demagogue, a misogynist and a xenophobe. We apologize to the rest of the world because his disgusting bigoted language does not represent America. bigot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. demagogue: a president who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of people rather than by using rational argument. xenophobe: a person hating against people from other countries.

Trump is corrupt, indecent and immoral

Trump is manifestly unfit for office. He committed obstruction of justice to obscure his crimes and collusion. There is no ethical standard. Ignorance is not a defense of the Law.


simple presidential tweets should not be used to set policy.


fascism is a radical right-wing, authoritarian nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which is militaristic, with a central government headed by a dictator.

Rachel Bitecofer Jul 2019 negative partisanship predicts the 2020 presidential election

Trump is trying to undo Obama

corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Trump is openly doing the bidding of the oil, gas and coal industries.

84 environmental rules rolled back under Trump New York Times

G7: French President Emmanuel Macron, Egyptian President and Chairman of the African Union Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Chilian President Sebastian Pinera and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a working session on the climate in Biarritz, southwestern France, Monday, August 26, 2019, on the third day of the annual G7 Summit. The empty seat at third right was for Trump, who according to Macron had skipped it.

G7 minus Trump

guns: 2018 Trump makes it easier for crazy people to get guns by overturning President Obama's 2016 mental health regulation on gun purchases. And Trump blocks funding for federal mental health and addiction programs.

economic chaos

business spending is lower because of the uncertainty over trade. note slower growth in China and Germany.

recession warnings. Last week, the U.S. bond yield curve inverted, a sign that many investors say presages a recession. 2-10 year part of the Treasury yield curve. In a normal yield curve, the short-term bills yield less than the long-term bonds. Lower long-term bond yields signals that economic conditions are going to get worse.

2017 tax cut for the 1% was not a long-term stimulus. Companies did stock buybacks to increase the relative ownership stake of each investor. Business investment is already slowing. Growth slowed to 2.1% with further softening.

federal deficit Trump thinks it's ok to spend, and keep spending.

2019 the federal budget deficit is over $1 trillion this year. limiting the ability of gov to pump more stimulus into the economy through higher federal spending. Trade dispute is biggest drag on the economy. Farmers are hurt by the loss of the Chinese market.

white terrorism

2017 Trump ends programs designed to counter violent extremism. US agencies should be protecting citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

racism: 2016 Trump spews divisive immigration rhetoric. Trump is a racist who stokes racism in this country. There needs to be responsible action by all politicians.


denying the facts: Trump's opposition to the science of climate change is a crime against humanity.


oil drilling: Trump is trying to open up Alaska and revoke Obama-era protections to federal waters. So far federal judges declare that oil and gas drilling is illegal in Alaska.

oil vs. nature: 2019 Trump weakens the Endangered Species Act to make commercial use of federal land easier for the gas, mining and oil industry.


Trump has proposed eliminating subsidies for EV purchases and sought to cancel planned improvements to mileage standards. China is leading in advanced technologies and execution.

parade: military spending is because we don't want to see tanks rolling on our streets.


Trump is out of sync with World Leaders.

Russia investigation

the Russians attacked the 2016 presidental election of the United States. The Special Counsel investigation was an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and suspicious links between Trump associates and Russian officials from May 2017 to March 2019.

Robert Mueller submitted his report on links between the Trump campaign and Russians as well as Donald Trump's attempts to obstruct the probe. Four days later AG Barr mislead Congress by releasing his summary of the report which was favorable to Trump, and later released the redacted report. Mueller objected about the handling of his report which led to misunderstandings of his team's work. And it was later revealed, and we now know, that he had twice raised concerns to Barr about the handling of his report.

'enemy of the people'

the phrase 'enemy of the people' is not just false, it's dangerous. It is wielded by dictators and tyrants who seek to control public information. Hate speech remains unregulated in the U.S.


Federal judge overrules Trump order to open Arctic to offshore drilling, restores Obama-era drilling ban in the Arctic. -March 2019.
Trump overstepped his constitutional authority and violated federal law.
Judge ruling Earthjustice -March 30, 2019
violated federal law Earthjustice -April 5, 2019

Montana Judge stops mining at Yellowstone National Park. A giant mining project is now entirely off the table.
mining Yellowstone Earthjustice -April 22, 2019

"Democratic socialism to me is creating a government and an economy and a society which works for all, rather than just the top 1 percent. It means ending the absurd inequalities that exist today." Bernie Sanders April 14, 2019

Robert Reich

  1. Donors give huge sums to elect politicians to office
  2. Elected officials rewrite the rules in the donors' favor
  3. Donors make a huge profit
  4. Repeat
ethics? conflict of interest?
bad EPA, bad

as the Trump administration continues its assault on environmental regulations, state officials are establishing legal barriers to save our air, land and water. We must change the corrupt EPA and stop them from doing the bidding of the oil industry.

National Parks

America's National Parks are for sale to the oil industry and toxic mining.

it's all hype

there is no truth in his words. This is a guy who believes Truth is anything you can get away with.

net neutrality

we are for an open internet and the principle of net neutrality, and we oppose Trump's repeal of net neutrality.

infrastructure scam

Trump is trying to sell an infrastructure scam. Act now and sign the petition, and learn more at grist: useful material, especially to back up an argument


autocracy noun a system of government by one person with absolute power. a.k.a. dictatorship.

autocratic adjective relating to a ruler who has absolute power. Autocratic rulers use fear and control to gain total power over their people.

"Now, you must remember, the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."
Shaolin Abbott, Enter the Dragon, 1973

"... it is now unmistakably clear that we can change these disastrous, divisive policies only by changing the men who are now making them." Robert Kennedy, 1968

"It's about who we are as a people - and who we want to be." Barack Obama, 2018

"Your future and fortune depend on your neighbor. This is more evident today than ever before." The Dalai Lama

we will oppose the regressive policies of the regime, and instead promote civility, tolerance and respect.