it's all hype

there is no truth in his words. This is a guy who believes Truth is anything you can get away with. We cannot rely on the words of this president and so we must keep a careful eye on his actions.

Trump is vindictive and he is a racist. He is a narcissistic bigot. He is a vial pathological liar. He is corrupt, indecent and immoral. Trump is a con man.

undoing clean air regulations

the Trump administration proposes significant changes to the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to make it easier for corporations to break ground and avoid inconvenient air and water quality protections.

what does deregulation actually mean in the Trump era?

perhaps the most widely shared conception of deregulation is reducing the degree to which legal requirements command or constrain conduct of regulated entities.

companies must consider the human cost or environmental impact of their actions.

popular will

we will oppose the regressive policies of the regime ... and instead promote civility, tolerance and respect.

unity can be achieved by a general popular will and peaceful ways.

we will push for an immediate halt to all new fossil fuel projects and a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all. We will do this by passing local resolutions city by city and by fighting tooth and nail against dangerous fossil fuel projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and others around the country that are endangering our water, land, and the climate.

the authentic definition of American citizenship is based on our shared national dedication to a proposition that all men are created equal.   Brookings