how to

"Alexa, trigger the lamp on."

power up your Apple iPad to be ready for Setup. You will need the following:


Amazon echo is a smart speaker with alexa voice assistant. The first step is to connect your echo to your WiFi network. On your mobile device go to the App store and search for the Alexa app. Or on your computer go to Connect your echo to your wifi network by selecting Devices.


Amazon echo can talk to Wemo mini smart switch. Make sure the outlet has power and the smart switch is on by checking the green LED light.

IFTTT if this then that

Try IFTTT. IFTTT (pr: if-tee) is the way to get your devices to talk to each other. This software platform connects apps and devices from developers in order to trigger one or more automations involving those apps and devices. With a little help from IFTTT you can teach Alexa a few new tricks.

sign up for a free account with IFTTT by using your Google account and setup your first Applet.


get your echo synced with IFTTT by selecting Channels in the upper right corner. Activate the Amazon Alexa channel. Then connect your echo to the wemo_switch.

How to

a little information about how to craft your own voice commands: