is this our EPA?

what is going on at the EPA? We must stop the EPA's rollback of current federal environmental safeguards. This administration is committed not to do anything to address greenhouse gas emisssions. "They show not merely indifference to climate change but really, opposition to doing anything about climate change."

why aren't we hitting 54mpg? fuel efficiency standards Union of Concerned Scientists

fuel efficiency standards

the current federal fuel efficiency standards for 2022-2025 aimed at getting us to 54 mpg, were developed by the Obama administration to protect families from dangerous air pollution.

Trump's EPA threatened progress when it abandoned the fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks. By freezing the standards the oil companies will sell more fuel. Former governor of California Jerry Brown opposes this scheme, "... motorists will pay more at the pump, get worse gas mileage and breathe dirtier air."

28% of US emissions of greenhouse gases (ghg) come from transportation. While a smaller vehicle will allow you to go twice as far, people are buying larger and larger vehicles partly due to the low cost of gasoline.

#CleanCarStandards to learn more.

EPA to allow more mercury?

Trump's EPA said limits on coal plant mercury emmissions were too costly.

EPA proposes a rule change that would let power plants release more toxic pollution, along with weakening new regulations in the future.

Examining the EPA's proposal to exclude co-benefits of mercury regulation Brookings

EPA is trying to allow more mercury: Kids and mercury don't mix. Make a comment to the EPA: enter mercury or EPA-HQ-OAR-2018-0794-0001

oil refiners

EPA has given giant oil refiners hardship waivers from regulation, who btw posted net profits of $1.5bn.