climate crisis

this is a climate crisis. the planet is burning. global consequences. resolve the global chaos. shift from oil and gas to wind and solar. We did this and we can fix this.

_ we ruined the sky so stop burning $#i+ and help nature

increased levels of carbon dioxide and other human-caused emissions being released into the atmosphere have caused global surface and ocean temperatures to rise at unprecedented speed.


climate is the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general over a long period. The climate is getting warmer and scientists warn that storms, heat waves and droughts will be more extreme.


we need to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius (1.5 °C). That's the level scientists say gives humanity the best chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change. Temperatures have already risen by 1.1 °C, causing more extreme weather events such as wildfires, drought, floods and loss of species. We need to do what the scientists say we need to do and transform our energy system away from oil, gas and coal. faseout fossil fuels.

Learn about air pollution, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and methane emissions:

stop burning things ... faseout fossil fuels

"the world's scientists and engineers have given us a gift. Not only the warning they gave us of what was coming with climate change, but the tools to deal with it. This fascinating, new, cheap technology that allows us to to stop burning things and rely instead on the sun. It can produce all the electricity we need." Bill McKibben, American environmentalist and author

Carbon dioxide at 425ppm   Climate change

CO2   The relentless rise of carbon dioxide

Our Planet Now   What is climate change? A really simple guide BBC Science

13 Dec 2023 Nations at COP28 approved transitioning away from fossil fuels, but the deal still stopped short of a call for phaseout of oil, coal, and gas.

14 million Americans live in cancer hotspots connected to oil and gas pollution and ... COP28 Brookings

Climate change NASA Climate kids

polluter stacks carbon emissions


global warming is the result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. def. caused or produced by humans. The carbon emissions from power plants burning coal, and people driving cars and trucks, are excelerating the build-up of greenhouse gas ghg. The ghg in the troposphere wraps the Earth like a "blanket" creating a greenhouse effect.

combined with the methane emissions estimates published by the IEA and estimates of nitrous oxide and flaring related CO2 emissions, this new analysis shows that overall greenhouse gas emissions from energy rose to their highest ever level in 2021. 36.3 Gt gigatonnes

the world has a goal of reaching net zero by 2050 and keep global temperature rise below the critical threshold of 1.5 °C.


historical datasets and complex statistical models have made it possible for researchers to show the impact of rising greenhouse gas emissions on heatwaves, for example, by making them more likely or severe.


scientists declared, definitively and in unison, that climate change is caused by people. "It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land," they wrote in the comprehensive report from the UN IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2021.

the IPCC released its 2022 report, by far the most dire warning it has yet produced. The report made it very clear that we must take firm measures now, with no delay, to cut back the use of fossil fuels and to move toward renewable energy.

UN to put into place a framework to reverse climate change. economic growth and climate action are not two competing ideas.

SecGen Antonio Guterres 
Paris Agreement. 
low-carbon projects. 
global financial system.
climate crisis us hot zone
U.S. hot zone Jul 2021

GISS surface temperature analysis (GISTEMP v4)   data


the Earth's atmosphere is filled with a combination of noxious gases; greenhouse gases ghg: carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, nitrous oxide N2O, and ozone O3, and water vapor trapping heat in the atmosphere causing global warming and climate change.

cars and trucks

the average SUV weighs 5,400 lbs (2.5 tons) and can tow a boat.

power plants

the problem is that we burn dirty coal in outland power plants to produce electricity for the city; producing tons of carbon emissions like carbon dioxide and methane. The majority of the world's population now lives in cities.

coal-fired power plant Tennessee Valley Auth
coal-fired power plant producing electricity for the city

are you driving an SUV to get a croissant?

sources of ghg: cars, energy

sources of ghg: burning fossil fuels 
27 cars, truck, ship, train, airplane; gas and diesel   
25 electricity production   
24 industry 
13 commercial, res heating 
11 ag food production, cows 

sources of ghg emissions

commercial air travel accounts for 3% of total U.S. ghg emissions. Concrete is 5%. Cement mfg contributes ghg both directly in production of carbon dioxide when calcium carbonate is thermally decomposed, producing lime and carbon dioxide, and also through the use of energy, particularly from the combustion of fossil fuels.

new fuel economy standards

SUV loophole The New Yorker

ghg   c m n

ghg is produced by humans burning fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. We have made the air so bad that it traps heat in the atmosphere causing global warming, a global emergency.

the Earth's troposphere (the lowest layer of the atmosphere) is filled with a combination of gases, which are normally just doing their thing. The problem now is that the troposhere is filled with noxious greenhouse gases ghg from the coal-powered machines and gasoline engines.

global warming is the result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. def. caused or produced by humans. We are wastefully leaking dangerously high levels of methane into the atmosphere.

carbon dioxide CO2 
methane CH4  
nitrous oxide N2O  
ozone O3  
and water vapor 

global levels of carbon dioxide CO2 passed 400ppm. 100ppm is a healthy level, and 300ppm is a hazardous concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We have exceeded all levels of global greenhouse gas emissions.

greenhouse gas ghg
world's largest emitters of ghg

China's greenhouse gas emissions exceeded world: China 27%, US 11%, India 6.6%, EU 6.4%

Learn about air pollution, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and methane emissions:

obligation to serve the planet

stop burning things / lawns are out / wood burning is redic / reduce your air pollution to zero / ghg / carbon dioxide / methane

mobility and energy.

cars, trucks, SUVs

it's the carbon emissions. A car engine that burns fossil fuel is producing carbon emissions. Maybe drive a little less, or buy an EV, or ride a bike.

gas stoves, home heating systems

the primary component of "natural gas" aka fossil gas, fgas, is methane. Gas stoves and gas heaters are spewing methane emissions into the atmosphere.

care for the environment

natural solutions to the greenhouse effect include planting trees or restoring soils or wetlands. Trees are like machines that can capture carbon from the atmosphere in an efficient way.

trees sequester CO2 carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create oxygen.

COP26: end deforestation Aljazeera Nov 2021


1. no poverty 2. zero hunger 6. clean water 13. climate action   17 sustainable development goals

the global goals for sustainable development

what can I do?

we are calling for the divestment from all fossil fuels that harm the planet and its people.

divest your money to Stop the money pipeline. Divest your money from Chase, Blackrock and Liberty Mutual.

indigenous rights and biodiversity

I want to see the advocation for indigenous rights. When you are talking about protecting the planet and environmental justice you have to talk about indigenous rights, especially when you are on stolen land.

net zero is not zero

net zero does not mean zero emissions but balancing out remaining greenhouse gases with other actions. They say they will cut emissions but clearly net zero means that some sectors are expected to still be releasing ghg in 2050.

Stop fossil fuels build 100% renewables

clean renewable energy, like wind and solar, can help us break free from fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power generation and transportation.

clean energy jobs are now far outpacing fossil fuel jobs. Solar employs twice as many people as does coal.

this is a crisis and we must impose a carbon tax while eliminating federal subsidies to producers of fossil fuels.

Why we need government action

climate change will be more expensive than dealing with carbon emissions now, and reducing the carbon emissions that are causing catastrophic changes to the planet. carbon emissions are still increasing with 2021 on track to be the highest. treat the climate crisis like a crisis. governments are only spending 2% on clean energy. government and systemic action is needed as well as personal action. do what you can do as an individual. understanding about the climate crisis makes you active. Greta Thunberg was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Wed 22 Sep 2021

carbon cycle greenhouse gases

Global carbon dioxide emissions are set for their 2nd biggest increase

2021 July was Earth's hottest month

"If we can't breathe the air then we die, if we can't grow food on it then we die, if we can't drink the water then we die."

the world is seeing devastating impacts


more frequent and severe storms. climate change increases the frequency and intensity of storms as warmer air gathers up more moisture that will be released as torrential downpours.

atmospheric rivers image, Jan 04, 2023, shows a tight arc of clouds stretching from Hawaii to California, which is a visible manifestation of an atmospheric river of moisture flowing into western states.

What the report says about atmospheric rivers and climate change: The frequency and severity of land-falling atmospheric rivers on the U.S. West Coast will increase as a result of increasing evaporation and the higher atmospheric water vapor content that occurs with increasing temperature. Atmospheric rivers are narrow streams of moisture that account for 30 to 40 percent of the typical snow pack and annual precipitation along the Pacific Coast and are associated with severe flooding events.


flooding and extreme weather.


drought and extreme heat.


wildfires and dead trees as tinder.

climate crisis
Bootleg wildfire, Oregon Jul 2021

this dry period was preceded by a wet spring, which prompted grasses to grow, only to see them dry out, adding to the combustible situation. Marshall fire, Boulder County Dec 2021


nights have been warming more than our days have been warming as a function of human caused climate change, and that is having a direct impact on fires. Climate mitigation measures can bend the curve on increasing fire weather.

live in harmony with nature in a sustainable world

imagine a world in which existing technologies are deployed for the greater good of both people and the planet.

the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius (1.5 °C) by reducing greenhouse gas. This is within reach if we treat this crisis as a crisis. Curbing methane emissions from oil and gas and restoring methane rules. Tighter emission limits on cars. Tax holiday for low-carbon alternatives to dirty fossil fuel. Carbon border tariff for importing steel and concrete. Targets for expanding renewable energy. Renovate buildings that are not deemed energy efficient.

climate crisis

the climate crisis is global warming and climate change. Global climate change has had effects on the environment, effects like intense heat waves, sea level rise, storms and food shortages.

climate change describes a change in weather patterns of the planet.

human health is linked to the environment of Earth. We have to stop the destruction of our planet's life support systems.

there is no wall high enough to keep out the sky.

reducing ghg

the causes of climate change: the causes of climate change

Trends in atmospheric carbon dioxide   Earth System Research Laboratories

Climate change: How do we know?

we need to change or die. The science is clear and shows that climate change is real, and caused by ghg released by human industrial activity. As the biosphere gets warmer, we increase evaporation. And as we increase evaporation, ecosystems dry out and burn. And when soils get dry due to increased evaporation, we get longer heat waves. And longer heat waves make the biosphere warmer still. A hyper climate will end humans.


"blah, blah, blah. Words that sound great. But so far has led to no action." Greta, Youth4climate Summit, Milan, 27Sep2021

Greta Thunberg
storms, hurricanes, floods, drought

climate change is heating the land and the oceans which is causing bigger storms. Bigger storms, hurricanes, floods and drought.

Saharan air layer NOAA

twin typhoons Lekima Krosa
typhoons Lekima and Krosa churning over the western Pacific Ocean, Taiwan, China Aug 2019

Why Amazon rainforest is on fire Bloomberg

fires combine in Australia
fires combine in Australia Jan 2020

human activity, like burning coal and driving cars, produces ghg, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, which is the cause of the current global warming. These gases include carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, nitrous oxides and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Climate chaos, like fires, storms, hurricanes, floods, and drought, is caused by high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and is already producing human suffering and will most likely lead to the end of our civilization as we know it.

we must stop the EPA's rollback of current federal environmental safeguards.   EPA


in order to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation, we must halt coal, oil and gas development and finance a transition towards 100% renewable energy systems.

11 countries leading in renewable energy. Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely on renewable energy. Sweden is aiming to be a fossil fuel free nation. Costa Rica has achieved 95% renewable electricity.


brt bus rapid transit is a bus system.

bicycle highway

the bicycle highway Cykelslangen in Copenhagen is for the separation of cars and bikes.

NRDC is a nonprofit group fighting climate change.

beef burger

The environmental costs of beef Scientific American

CO2 costs of a beef burger. half pound beef production equals emissions from driving 9.81 miles. 7.40 pounds of CO2-equivalent.

The greenhouse hamburger PDF   Sierra Club

Senate votes to curb methane

Livestock, and oil and gas. 50% of California's methane emissions come from livestock rather than oil and gas.

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