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the primary component of "natural gas" aka fossil gas, fgas, is methane CH4 and as a greenhouse gas its presence in the atmosphere affects Earth's temperature and climate system. It would be natural to keep it in the ground.

natural gas stoves in your kitchen, gas heating units in your home, and large 12 ton gas buses on the roads burning "clean natural gas." 2000 lbs in a ton. The marketing job on this is incredible. Massive air pollution 24/7 is causing lung disease and heart disease.

fossil gas carbon emissions
methane is the primary component of fossil gas

fossil gas takes alot of energy to extract and distribute, is difficult to contain and leaks into the atmosphere, and is a leading source of carbon emissions when burned as fuel. Scientists have reported that methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are far worse than previously thought.

burning creates ghg

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toxic gases that we put in the atmosphere are creating a greenhouse effect, which is warming the planet. The sun's light shines onto the surface, while the gases trap the heat that reflects back from the surface inside the Earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse gases absorb the infrared radiation energy. This warming climate will eventually make the Earth uninhabitable. The world is getting hotter and hotter by the year.

burning fossil gas aka flaring

fossil gas is disposed of by wastefully burning it, aka flaring, at oil and gas fields.

ever wonder why they flare the gas rather than capture it? Flaring is an unproductive waste of a resource.

Flaring Scientific American
fossil gas carbon emissions
fossil gas is disposed of by wastefully burning, aka flaring, at oil and gas fields

Air sampling reveals high emissions from gas field.

Air sampling Nature
methane CH4

methane CH4 is a hydrocarbon that is the primary component of fossil gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas, so its presence in the atmosphere affects the earth's temperature and climate system.

methane burns to give off carbon dioxide and water, and the problem is not the water. The carbon dioxide creates ghg which is heating the Earth which is producing a hyper climate which is causing wildfires and floods, drought and sea level rise, hurricanes and heat waves.

fossil gas is decomposed molecules that release heat energy in combustion. We must leave it in the ground if we are to maintain a habitable planet.

methane leaks

fossil gas is extracted, stored, transported and then distributed to commercial and residential facilities. A method of fossil gas extraction is fracking. This energy intensive and massively destructive method pumps toxic methane directly into the air through the venting process. This is massive waste of energy - but very profitable for the companies that do this business.

fossil gas is marketed as "clean natural gas" but the main component of fossil gas is methane, which is a superpotent greenhouse gas.

old oil and gas sites are a climate menace.   An empire of dying wells Bloomberg