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what can you say about this?

Trump is staged Trump has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives.

wehavetochangethings   this corrupt pos is abusing his power authoritarian style.

ghg is heating the Earth which is producing a hyper climate which is causing wildfires and floods, drought and sea level rise, hurricanes and heat waves.

climate/air   what's in our air?   help Nature by not burning

climate/water   Nestle is taking water from National Forest. #boycottNestle

climate/oil   Humpty Trumpty is openly doing the bidding of oil, gas and coal. Drilling for oil in the Arctic is cray cray. Keystone XL pipeline spilled 383,000 gallons of oil - 31 Oct 2019.

climate/greta   Skolstrejk for Klimatet School Strike for Climate

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