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fascism is a radical right-wing, authoritarian nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which is militaristic, with a central government headed by a dictator.

Rachel Bitecofer Jul 2019 negative partisanship predicts the 2020 presidential election

Trump is trying to undo Obama

guns: 2018 Trump makes it easier for crazy people to get guns by overturning President Obama's 2016 mental health regulation on gun purchases. And Trump blocks funding for federal mental health and addiction programs.

economic chaos

business spending is lower because of the uncertainty over trade. note slower growth in China and Germany.

recession warnings. Last week, the U.S. bond yield curve inverted, a sign that many investors say presages a recession. 2-10 year part of the Treasury yield curve. In a normal yield curve, the short-term bills yield less than the long-term bonds. Lower long-term bond yields signals that economic conditions are going to get worse.

2017 tax cut for the 1% was not a long-term stimulus. Companies did stock buybacks to increase the relative ownership stake of each investor. Business investment is already slowing. Growth slowed to 2.1% with further softening.

federal deficit Trump thinks it's ok to spend, and keep spending.

2019 the federal budget deficit is over $1 trillion this year. limiting the ability of gov to pump more stimulus into the economy through higher federal spending. Trade dispute is biggest drag on the economy. Farmers are hurt by the loss of the Chinese market.

white terrorism

2017 Trump ends programs designed to counter violent extremism. US agencies should be protecting citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

racism: 2016 Trump spews divisive immigration rhetoric. Trump is a racist who stokes racism in this country. There needs to be responsible action by all politicians.


denying the facts: Trump's opposition to the science of climate change is a crime against humanity.


oil drilling: Trump is trying to open up Alaska and revoke Obama-era protections to federal waters. So far federal judges declare that oil and gas drilling is illegal in Alaska.

oil vs. nature: 2019 Trump weakens the Endangered Species Act to make commercial use of federal land easier for the gas, mining and oil industry.

83 environmental rules rolled back under Trump


Trump has proposed eliminating subsidies for EV purchases and sought to cancel planned improvements to mileage standards. China is leading in advanced technologies and execution.

parade: military spending is because we don't want to see tanks rolling on our streets.

dirty coal

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