carbon dioxide CO2 is a potent greenhouse gas ghg.

ghg hello _ burning creates ghg

toxic gases that we put in the atmosphere are creating a greenhouse effect, which is warming the planet. The sun's light shines onto the surface, while the gases trap the heat that reflects back from the surface inside the Earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse gases absorb the infrared radiation energy. This warming climate will eventually make the Earth uninhabitable. The world is getting hotter and hotter by the year.

burning fossil gas produces CO2

gas stoves and ovens produce carbon monoxide CO. Carbon monoxide from your gas kitchen range is the common cause for elevated concentrations in the home.

as the gas burners operate they consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide and water vapor. After a period of time, the oxygen level in the area begins to drop and the flames consume more carbon dioxide and begin generating large quantities of carbon monoxide.

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