everything in our lives could be powered by clean renewable energy, like solar and wind.

transition to energy from the sun and wind, and the batteries to store them. Battery power, when the sun is hiding.

electricity generation and heating account for 28% of global greenhouse gases.

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cheaper than coal

solar is a local clean renewable energy source, cheaper than coal.

the cost of solar power has dropped 85% since 2010. That makes it cheaper than new coal and gas plants in 2/3 of the world.

US jobs

solar employs twice as many people as does coal.


corrupt politicians are imposing tariffs on foreign solar panels to help oil, coal and ngas compete with solar. Tariffs will increase costs and stop solar. Tariffs will driveup sonsumer prices and cause the number of annual solar installations in the U.S. to plunge. an appeal to the WTO world trade org. can halt this stupid act against solar clean energy. sce. WTO can ultimately void solar tariffs if there is international retaliation.

ban evil

ban Suniva, Georgia and ban SolarWorld, Oregon is a German sub.