more information means better sound quality. Big files, high quality. Streaming services use compression methods to reduce file size for convenience in sending and storage. Small files produce tinny sound. Be aware of lossy codecs that degrade sound like mp3, AAC or Ogg.


a codec is a method of compressing and decompressing digitized sound. MP3 is an example of a digital audio codec. The greater the compression, the more sonic details are lost. Extremely high and low frequencies usually get discarded with even slight compression.

walls Boss2

the bitrate, or average amount of data required per second of music, determines the audio resolution of a music file. The higher the number of kilobits per second (kbps), the closer in sound quality the file is to the original source, and the larger the file size.

CD bitrate is 1411 kbps. MP3 format can range from 96 to 320 kbps. Spotify delivers audio with a bitrate 96 kbps (on normal setting).

audio resolution
bitrate (kbps)
CD1411big files, high quality
MP396 to 320
lossy 320 kbps

MP3 is a lossy compression format. Some frequencies are lost in the encoding process, and can't be restored by reconverting the file to its original format.

HiFi lossless 1411 kbps

FLAC is a lossless compression format. this provides a compression ratio of 2:1 so files take up half the space. lossless audio presents all of the information to you that was in the original uncompressed files. lossless compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the original data to be completely reconstructed from the compressed data.

the bitrate of a lossless file is 1411 kbps, and compare that to a lossy file at 320 kbps.

a lossless file is 4X the audio quality of an MP3 file (with a bitrate of 320 kbps). Lossless audio is always better than 320 kbps based on its quality.

Allo Boss2 audio streamer

how do you get audio from the computer to the audio receiver? with a streaming device. a typical config is to have a control surface; a tablet, phone or pc, and using the rich user interface on that select what you want to play. And then over network instruct the device that is sitting on your stereo to do the streaming for you.

some streamer versions run over ethernet, it receives its data stream. but this is different. the Boss2 has an internal DAC built in, and RCA outputs for analog out to the audio receiver. inside is RaspberryPi. RPi is a single board computer runs Linux os. the Linux os version is DietPi. with correct modules it can run Roon. Boss2 has an Oled screen.


Tidal is a global music streaming platform. HiFi sound on Tidal delivers large and uncompressed audio files by utilizing the format FLAC to stream lossless audio.

sound quality  
Normal AAC quality 160 kbps 
HiFi Lossless quality 1411 kbps   
Master High-Res quality 2304 - 9216 kbps 
Tidal Connect

Tidal Connect is a service to have the streaming hardware pull down music from Tidal servers, without the stream first travelling through the device (smartphone, laptop). The device is just the controller. we use lossless streaming via Tidal HiFi tier.


to build a network in the living space we need a steady internet connection. we want a setup that won't compromise the connections or electrical safety. Keep a distance between ethernet and power lines to help protect data.

the quality of the ethernet signal can also degrade from interference caused by the power cables. It is not a good idea to run low and high voltage cables together. Induction can be a problem. Sometimes the greater voltage can leap to the lower voltage. Data could be harmed from the induced voltage in the internet cable. Shielded cables contain a thin foil cover protecting the internal wires from interference. This foil shielding works to protect data integrity and speed, while preventing data interruption caused by electrical power cables.

1. data lines cannot be run beside power lines. 
2. when necessary, cross cables at 90 degrees,  
   rather than running alongside each other. 

smurf tube is blue Carlon conduit, used for future proofing low voltage cables.


acoustics in architecture means improving sound in environments. Sound proofing vs. acoustical treatment, sound treatment. Treatment; when treating rooms, echos and reverberation are reduced. 2 methods: sound absorption and diffusion.

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