Qigong is a practice of movement, breathing and meditation, to cultivate and balance qi, the circulating life energy. Qi is the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Taiji ball exercise can be done standing or sitting.

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Dr. Yang demonstrates circling and wuji breathing.

Circling. physical levels get stronger and stronger. understand there are 2 balls, the first one is outside and the other one is inside. when the inside ball rotates it manifests the movement of the outside ball. In qigong all the movements are governed by the waist area. spine movement is so important. front of body: lower Dan Tien = elixir field. back of body: Mingmen low and Daozhui high. the 2 low back muscles are major control for the balls rotation and circling. when you hold the ball gently touch it. using reverse abdominal breathing. it is because your mind has an intention. when you inhale, abdomen go in and perium go up. when you exhale, abdomen push out and perium push down. this pattern we call circling. 4 patterns. muscles and tendons, muscular power for weapons. body movements, inhale and exhale. coordinate with the breathing.

Wuji breathing.


Master Liu Hong Cai demonstrates taiji ball training exercises.


a Qigong exercise: Eight pieces of silk brocade.

to achieve optimal health it is important to move a little bit everyday.

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