Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser.

Step 1. Download Google Chrome.
Step 2. Change your Settings to make Google Chrome your default program by:
Settings / Apps / Default Apps and Tab to Web browser and select Google Chrome.

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in Chrome: how to Clear data

Clear your browsing data regularly for better security and maintenance.

  • on Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete, then select Clear data. Then quit all browser windows, and re-open the browser.
  • on Safari: Settings, Tap Safari. Tap Clear History and Website Data, and confirm.
in Chrome: how to toggle bookmarks

the bookmarks toolbar is displayed at the top of the browser, and you can toggle the display (show/not show).

  • on Windows: Ctrl + Shift + b to toggle the display of the bookmarks toolbar.
keyboard shortcuts

please keep both hands on the keyboard at all times.

F5         Reload this page /refresh browser (Safari: Cmd + R) 
Ctrl + L   location bar 
Ctrl + T   new Tab
Ctrl + W   close Tab
Ctrl + D   bookmark this page
Ctrl + K   search input field

Ctrl + A   select All
Ctrl + C   Copy
Ctrl + V   Paste
Ctrl + X   Cut
Ctrl + S   Save
Ctrl + Z   Undo
Gmail on iPhone
how to delete Gmail app through your iPhone settings. 
Go to Settings /General /iPhone Storage menu  
then tap to select Gmail app. 
To confirm deletion of the app, tap Delete app.