the Android OS was developed by Google GOOGL for use in all of its touchscreen devices.



Google is being sued in the US over accusations it deceived people about how to control location tracking. The legal action refers to a revelation that turning off one location-tracking setting in it apps was insufficient to fully disable the feature. It accuses Google of using dark patterns, marketing techniques that deliberately confuse. It refers to dark patterns, design choices that alter users' decision-making for the designer's benefit - such as, complicated navigation menus, visual misdirection, confusing wording and repeated nudging towards a particular outcome.

Google Pixel 6
Pixel 6 $600 + case + Preferred Care + tax = $825. 
the Tensor chip, designed by Google, custom smartphone chip. 
new Tensor SoC; system on chip. 
the Tensor processor gives you Google's machine learning.  
accurate automatic speech recognition ASR.
the Tensor chip uses a unique combination of CPU cores.  
80% faster CPU, 370% faster GPU performance.
security, translation, camera, wireless charging. 
How to close apps
at the Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen halfway and release. 
a list of recent apps displays. 
to close an app, swipe up on the app. 
File transfer
Move files with a USB cable
(on Windows computer) 
Unlock your device.
With a USB cable, connect your device to your computer.

Device Google Pixel 6
1. Slide down from top of screen.
2. USB Preferences: select This device, then under Use USB for... select File transfer.

3. on pc Windows File Manager, open 2 windows.
Find Pixel 6
  DCIM/ camera
copy to (D:)

On your device, tap Charging this device via USB notification.
under Use USB for, select File Transfer.
Use the File manager to drag files.
When done, eject the device from Windows, unplug the USB cable.