plastic film is soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging. This material is not accepted in the recycling bins at your home, and can only be recycled at dropoff locations.

plastic film
fresh tomatoes?! plastic film packaging is wrapped around tomatoes that are in a cardboard tray

Encinitas residents get 3 bins:
grey bin is for trash.
green bin is for yard waste and now food waste material.
blue bin is for recycling. EDCO accepts #1-7 plastics /see number in the "chasing arrows" symbol.

EDCO does not accept plastic film or bags. This material is excluded because it is a hazard to their machines during sorting. Dropoff locations for plastic film include Sprouts, Vons, Ralphs, although currently some of these programs are cancelled.

Trader Joes provides thin green bags that are labelled as compostable, meaning they are intended to return to the earth safely. further research: according to local testing they were found to leave a residue?


plastic film recycling ? American Chemistry Society

City of Encinitas is trying to get to zero waste. I talked with Enc Public Works, Ashley Stratakil 760-633-2859, Tue Mar23, 2021.

EDCO disposal waste and recycling service, 760-745-3203. recycling education, 760-436-7986.