Encinitas government   City Council 6p City Hall

City Encinitas 760-633-2600 #4 trees Rachel, Melissa Lane to nominate use heritage_tree form.

City Encinitas UFAC

California Urban Forests Council 415-479-8733

County Supervisors, native plant initiative.

City of San Diego trees and Free tree sd

City Encinitas Public Works

if you plan to plant a tree then contact Public Works Urban forest management program and the City's tree_ordinance.pdf

Public Works 
$1,075,000 budget for tree maintenance, fy21/22.     
includes both the costs for arborist services and tree maintenance (Street div) 
for trees and shrubs in the public right of way (planting, trimming, removals, young tree care).
160 Calle Magdalena, 
Carter Brown  
City Encinitas Parks and Rec
Parks and Rec, 760-633-2740, meeting 3rd Tue 5:30p  
responsible for the trees located in parks and open trails, and center medians.
budget for planting trees fy21/22 ?   
David Norgard, operation mgr, 760-633-2755  
Brian Sandland, sup, 760-943-2107 
Tim, sup, fixed spray heads in the meridian. 760-633-2747 
City Encinitas UFAC
Urban forest advisory cmte, meeting 4th Thu 5:30p 
Mark Jenne, chair,  
Brian Bishop, member,   
Tony Gurnoe, member, arborist San Diego Botanic Garden   
  Engelmann aka Mesa Oak, slow growth, at Dixon Lake in Esc.
Chris Kallstrand, member, City arborist, / canopy analysis.
Carol Parker, member,    
Carter Brown, sec,  
Environmental commission is 2nd Thu 5:30p. 
Erik Steenblock 760-943-2108 
Chamomile Meadow program asst watershed map.

crash data, Sheriff NC 760-966-3500, only to parties involved, records 858-974-2110

Traffic calming

Dept 760-943-2211 Traffic engineering

mobility and traffic safety commission agendas-webcasts 2018 April 9, 7b

speed cushion data collection on Cerro St. N of Willowspring.
2018 April 9 
before /85% speed/N 36.2mph
after  /85% speed/N 24.8mph

020623 Monday, Ian Barr, installed Jun-Nov 2017, and nothing active today. he will initate another data collection monitoring device on the street since been 5 years. has my mobile, will report back once more data.

[x] consultation phase 
[x] installation of the speed cushions in 2017     
[ ] results from field evaluations, every 6-12mo  

091522 Amanda, links, flowchart  
101322 Amanda Bariteau, no field analysis done yet, will implement and report,  
if the field analysis does not show speed lowering then what is the plan.   
review, removal. 
is there policy language for removal of the speed cushions.  

swerve course on Summit Ave intersection at Summit Pl, south of Santa Fe.

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