protect mature trees and urban forests

trees are like machines that can capture carbon from the atmosphere in an efficient way. Trees bind the soil, sequester carbon, improve soil fertility and also improve infiltration and recharge of groundwater. Trees give us oxygen and shade.

a proper tree canopy provides shade to cool the environment. Planting trees in neighborhoods where they are sparse is an easy way to cool down the City.

the value of a tree

how can we stop people from felling trees and how can we expand opportunities for planting trees?

could an ordinance protect our trees? at a certain size, maybe a DSH limit of 6 inches (DSH diameter at standard height of 54in.)

reference the County's Waterscape rebates program. replacing turf with drought-tolerant landscaping to save water. Can we start a tree planting program? Rebates for planting trees, or a credit on the water bill.

right tree right space

selecting the right species is crucial to tree planting projects, as is considering the spacing of trees when planting in dry areas.

native trees provide the best benefits to local people. How do we promote native trees? Can we subsidize native trees in local landscaping? Working with the growers to scale for upcoming demand.

can we protect mature trees from homeowners who want to replace them with palm trees? We need properly drought-tolerant trees in this region, species like the Engelmann Oak and native shrubs, native to Southern California.

tree planting

how about a tree planting program, a tree Moonshot to plant 10,000 trees? offering homeowners native trees and showing them how to properly plant and water trees.

when we dramatically expand tree canopy then we will cool the environment. How can I help. I'd like to help. Thank you.

letting older trees grow letting older trees grow Sierra Club

Ellen Montgomery, dir Environment America. Kirin Kennedy, dir Sierra Club.

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