Google Chrome

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, an operating system made by Google. It's browser-based, cloud-powered, and boots up in seconds, which allows you to connect to the internet almost instantly. Updates are managed automatically so Chromebooks actually become faster and more secure over time.

Chromebooks use your Google Account this is your Gmail and password.

Chrome OS is made to run web services by Google. It is based on the Linux kernel and uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface. Think wifi. Chrome OS primarily supports web applications.

make Google Chrome your default web browser on your other devices.

How to Chromebook Google



Chrome OS includes a shell environment known as Chrome shell, or crosh. Open crosh anywhere in Chrome OS by Ctrl + Alt + T and it opens in a new browser tab. Stop any command in crosh by Ctrl + C.

ssh is a built-in command to connect to SSH servers. crosh howtogeek   ssh, help, top, ping, sound.

top command from Linux, which gives you a display of all the low-level processes that might be using resources.

sound to record audio from your microphone, and then play it back later. To record 10 seconds of audio run the command: sound record 10

both hands on the keyboard

Ctrl + Alt + / (or Ctrl + Alt + ?) for keyboard cmd   5 Chromebook tips Google

F1 F10 top row function keys assigned to certain tasks.   full screen toggle the size of the active window to full screen

keyboard shortcuts and use your keyboard and use your touchpad

Search key and app launcher Search and app launcher
Alt + Tabtoggle between windows
F5 switch key F5 switch key to show all your open windows
Move between apps swipe with 2 fingers on the touchpad, either left or right
More More Create a shortcut
Right-click press or tap on the touchpad with 2 fingers (or press Alt, then click with 1 finger)
Scroll place 2 fingers on the touchpad and move them up and down to scroll vertically
Ctrl + topen a new tab
Ctrl + wclose the current tab you're on
Ctrl + ljump to address bar (location)
Spacescroll down the page
Alt + ▲page up
Alt + ▼page down
Ctrl + rreload your current page
Ctrl + dsave current page as a bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + bshow or hide the bookmarks bar
Chromebook desktop

apps: apps are on the bottom left - Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Files, Hangouts
status: status is on the bottom right - Time, Wifi, Battery, and your Profile picture.

Apps and how to customize your desktop Google

YouTube has some good tutorials:   YouTube YouTube


Google is a technology company and a search engine.

Gmail is your free online email, a service provided by Google.


Files is your folders and photos and docs.

Learn more about how to open, save, or delete files.

Ctrl + eAdd a new folder
Google Drive

Drive is your online storage.



Hangouts lets you video call, phone, or message.

first login to your Google Account (if you're on Gmail then you're in), and then go to
Google Hangouts and select the Video button. Select someone from your Contacts to begin a video call.

make sure to add Hangouts to the apps list on the Chromebook desktop for convenience.

Learn more about how to get started with Get started with Hangouts.


Google Play Music is your online music.

music track information and music controls are at the bottom of the screen. Select the orange circle Play/Pause, or Next track.


your internet provider installs a router and provides the wireless network name and password. Record your login info and keep it safe and separate from your Chromebook.

if you go to a new location then you must make a new connection to the router at the new location. When you return home, you must make a connection to your home network. Your Chromebook will search for it automatically, and remember your settings, all you have to do is make the switch.

Settings, Internet connection, Wifi

from the desktop you will be using the status area to get to Settings, Internet connection, Wifi.

  • click the status area: lower right of the screen with Time, Wifi, Battery, Profile picture
  • a window will appear
  • choose Settings
  • under Internet connection choose Wifi network
  • type the network password
  • click Connect

you can direct connect the Chromebook to any TV or monitor to mirror the screen to the larger screen. First, close the Chromebook, and then use an HDMI cable to connect the Chromebook output to the TV input. Then open the Chromebook, and press and hold the Ctrl key while you hit the full screen key:

Ctrl + full screen

or try 
1. click the Notification area in lower right corner.
2. click the Mirroring to xxxx TV
3. in the Manage Displays popup window choose Option: Start mirroring

Learn more about how to Connect your Chromebook to a TV

text editing

sure, you can double-click the mouse to select text, but when you are typing it just makes sense to keep your hands on the keyboard.

Shift + ▶select characters to the right
Alt + Backspaceforward delete the Chromebook does not have a Delete key
Ctrl + ccopy text
Ctrl + vpaste text
Ctrl + aselect all
Ctrl + xcut
Ctrl + ssave