a Chromebook is a laptop and runs Chrome OS. You will need a Google account and WiFi. WiFi is required for setup and backup.

Asus C425 Intel Core m3 processor, 8G memory, 64G eMMC storage, FHD 1920x1080 16:9, 2 usb-C, $329.

drive or 2 drives, 8G memory or 64G
CPU: Intel processor. 
RAM memory: allows you to juggle different tasks. 4gb is fine. 8gb is better. 
Solid state drives (SSD), in comparison to spinning hard drives. 
Drive storage: eMMC vs SSD.  
SSD form factor can be either eMMC or SSD. SSD is faster.   
mSATA SSD drive is for better speed and performance. 
32gb is good, 64gb is if you plan to download Android or Linux apps on your Chromebook.
FHD display
FHD IPS 1920x1080 
in-plane switching LED (LCD) for best color and viewing angles. 
Intel Core m3 processor (i-series, M3-8100Y), 
m3-8100Y is a dualcore SoC for passively cooled notebooks. 
2 processor cores and includes the Intel HD graphics 615 GPU. 
H.265 video. 

the OS is optimized for touch input. handy when tapping at Android apps, which are designed from the outset for touch.

Best: Google Pixelbook Go $649
Google Pixelbook Go $649 13in  
13" LCD touchscreen display 
Intel core m3 /i5-8200-Y  
8gb RAM /memory  
64gb boot drive type SSD /solid state drive  
FHD display 1920 x 1080  
16:9 aspect ratio
magnesium body  
WiFi, Bluetooth 
camera 1080p @60fps 
ports usb C