we oppose the Keystone XL pipeline - #nokxl. This is about noKXL and about how we need to keep dirty tar sands oil in the ground. The Keystone XL pipeline poses a serious threat to the land, air and water of our country. It just does not make sense to extract this stuff. The energy you can get from burning a barrel of tar sands oil only barely exceeds the energy required to produce it. This sticky, crude muck should remain in the ground, and never be burned for energy.

What is the Keystone XL pipeline

20 Jan 2021President Biden cancels Keystone XL pipeline
09 Jun 2021Keystone XL pipeline canceled by Calgary-base TC Energy

Executive Order

3 spills in 7 years
tar sands is the dirtiest oil on the planet. 
This is the third spill in 7 years: 
2011 xxx  
2017 17 Nov xxx   9,700 barrels, 407,000 gal.  
2019 31 Oct xxx 383,000 gal.
keep it in the ground

this is a Canadian oil company sending oil across the United States for export. They have to build the oil transportation infrastructure for their investment to pay off.

Take action

Canadian tar sands is the largest, dirtiest and most destructive carbon producer on the planet, and these tar sands would supply the Keystone XL pipeline. Tar sands are a combination of clay, sand, water, and bitumen, a heavy black viscous oil. It is bad for the environment; everything from heavy erosion from the industrial strip mining, ponds of leftover toxic waste, polluting rivers and streams and drinking water, and its disastrous carbon emissions are exacerbating the climate crisis.

dirty tar sands emissions
Canadian tar sands are mined, and processed into oil, creating massive carbon emissions
Keystone XL tar sands
tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada

no oil in our soil

no Keystone XL pipeline, no dirty tar sands